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Private Label Cosmetics

Your cosmetic project

Your cosmetic project Turnkey

You are looking to market a line of cosmetic products for your brand quickly, bypassing the formulation stage? And you are seeking turnkey formulas?

Gilbert offers an accessible, quality solution with step-by-step support. Choose from our wide range or conventional or organic formulae in line with current trends as we transform your cosmetic project into a tangible reality and prepare you for future success.

Take a look at our various know-how.

A sub-contracted project manager will take charge of implementing your cosmetic project. They will support you throughout the process, from your brief to the release of the product.

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Your project may begin with a brief, a telephone conversation or a meeting before getting rapidly underway.

  • Selecting the formula

    By opting for turnkey formulas, you have the reassurance of selecting pre-tested, proven formulae in terms of efficacy and consumer satisfaction.

    We are committed to developing all of our formulae while ensuring the highest standards when selecting ingredients and carrying out the development process. Painstaking care and attention is paid to the textures, which are refined to ensure an optimum sensory evaluation. We devise all of the tests required for the market release of the product as well as efficacy tests to bolster your marketing content.

    We are constantly innovating and regularly updating our portfolio of turnkey formulae to ensure continuous improvement in our response to your expectations and those of the current beauty market.

  • Graphics & Design

    For the decoration design, our graphic artists and designers are available to assist you in our integrated in-house studio with graphic charters, logos, photos and decoration creation.

    We can also help you to draft marketing content and ensure compliance with cosmetics regulations.

    Whether a tube, label, screen print or something else entirely, dispatch of your design to the supplier will determine the delivery date of your packaging and, very quickly, the release date of your products.

  • Regulatory support

    Regulations: No longer an obstacle

    Our regulatory department responsible for cosmetic sub-contracting has extensive knowledge of all regulations relative to the market release of cosmetics products in France and abroad. As a member of COSMED, our regulatory staff continuously monitor developments to anticipate future changes and offer you the best possible advice.

    Gilbert can thus help you to draw up your labels, coding and claims and assist you with the administrative procedures required to market your product in France and abroad.
    Upon request, we can prepare your product information file, certificate of expertise and the CPNP notification in compliance with the  1223/2009 European regulations.

  • Manufacturing

    This is step one in the industrialisation of your project.

    To manufacture cosmetic products in bulk, such as lotions, creams, foams, liniment, milk, etc., our various tanks (from 300 kgs to 5 tonnes) offer maximum flexibility from small and medium volumes to large volumes.  
    Our soap manufacturing know-how and industrial equipment is split between two sites, allowing us to cater to any need.  

    In compliance with the ISO 22716 standard, our quality system controls and secures each stage of the product production process from end to end, from receiving the raw materials to bulk manufacturing and packaging. It complies with GMP (Good Manufacturing Processes) and ensures complete traceability upstream and downstream. More information.

  • Packaging

    Our packaging units for cosmetic products and soaps are equipped with various lines to respond to any type of product, packaging or production batch series.

    • 10 ml to 1 litre pump bottles
    • Hot casting (lip sticks)
    • 15 ml to 250 ml jars – Buckets – 5 litre containers
    • 3 ml to 300 ml tubes in PE and aluminium
    • Roll on
    • Labelling, screwing, sealing
    • Manual and automatic carton, box and sleeve packing
    • Shrink packing, heat sealing, cellophane packing, fold packing, etc.

    We have a screen print workshop suitable for a range of materials such as plastic (PP, PET, PETG). Our equipment and processes ensure optimum print quality and make gold and silver hot foil stamping possible.