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Private Label Cosmetics


Our Industrial sites

More than 20,000 m2 dedicated to cosmetics and soap Made in France.

A state-of-the-art production site in Brittany, France.

Our 7,000 m2 production site is located in Plouedern, in Brittany since January 2016. Environmental friendliness and protection are key factors in the industrial strategy at the site, which is kitted out with high-performing equipment.

It is equipped with a high speed bottle filling line - capacity 20 million units / year, up to 100 strokes / minute, fully automated up to palletization.

This site manufactures and conditions all kinds of galenics (foaming, pasty, creams, liniments, solar, clay, powder, liquid soap, bath salts, oils, etc.) and responds to several challenges in terms of quality, process optimization and volumes.

- A manufacturing unit, equipped with mixing tanks from 100 kg to 5 tonnes.
- A filling unit for jars (from 15 ml to 250 ml), tubes (from 3 ml to 300 ml), bottles (from 10 ml to 1 litre), roll ons, containers, etc.
- A packaging unit for labelling and carton, box, shrink, sleeve and cellophane packing, etc.
- A screen printing unit for packaging with a very high-performing precision tool.
- A 2,000 m2 storage unit.

Certifications: EcoCert, ISO 22716 on GMP, FDA


Two Ecocert-certified soap factories in Normandy, France

A historic soap factory located in Hérouville Saint Clair, where the head office of the Gilbert group is located, and another more recent located in Falaise (14) of 12,500 m2.

Manufacture and packaging of all types of solid soaps (solid Marseille soaps, cast soaps, pleated soaps, etc.) and liquids for over 50 years, conventional and Ecocert. Find out more.

We also benefit from the pharmaceutical expertise of Laboratoires Gilbert, known and recognized worldwide for the production of billions of sterile unit doses. Its 2 production sites offer many possibilities for pharmaceutical shaping (physiological serum, compresses, alcohol) and complement each other for specific cosmetic projects such as perfume or petroleum jelly.