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Private Label Cosmetics

Research and Development

Helping to create your formula

With 50 years' worth of cosmetics know-how and expertise, our R&D laboratory develops more than one hundred formulae every year on behalf of our clients.

From so-called standard formulae to more complex, sought-after formulae, our R&D teams bring their passion and commitment to the management of your project. Your project becomes theirs for a few months.

We can step in at any stage, in part or in full, depending on the nature of your project:




We ensure continuous monitoring of formula innovation and new active ingredients to give you the most up-to-date advice on the latest trends and natural alternatives.

We meticulously select the most suitable raw materials, either from our extensive base of pre-listed raw materials or sourced from our various active ingredients suppliers.

We develop tests / refined formulae for your sensory evaluations
We carry out all tests required for the market release of cosmetic products in Europe
- Challenge test (in accordance with the ISO standard and pharmacopeia)
- Stability test (ageing test in accelerated and real storage conditions)
- Content/container compatibility test
We monitor safety and efficacy testing conducted at independent laboratories
- Patch tests in vitro, ex vivo or in vivo
- Use test on volunteers, consumer tests, hypoallergenicity tests, in vitro or in vivo tests, UVA/UVB SPF measurements, etc.

We ensure and monitor eco-certification for your materials, formulae and finished products.

We oversee the industrial production of all formulae across all of our production sites.

We also ensure compliance with the constraints issued by the competent authorities (ANSM, DGCCRF, ECOCERT)